Core Value Fragments

Unparalleled Research

With our unique in-house research methodology, you can get assured that the we will deliver best value out of your every cent invested with us!


We know that good and bad times won't last forever so we strive for resiliency in tough times and remain humble when things are going our way


Strategic concentration is required for building wealth. Diversification is for know-nothing and is a protection against ignorance


Perseverance lays roots for our foundation. We stay firmly commited to the cause as sometimes results come from unexpected sources and more so when least expected

Keeping it real

We ensure that same principles and traits which are required for success are never compromised. This helps in keeping things grounded to reality when hype hits the sentiment


When patience leads over unwavering ambition, focus remains sharp and execution is effective. If patience meets focus, it often creates wisdom and astounding results follow

Our Adeptness


Heedfully crafted to create generational wealth for the highest quality of investors who are able to stand firm with long term view, irrespective of current state of markets and economy

Stack Flower

Stackflower portfolio powers the monetory energy in emerging market environment

Flower Pools

Flowerpools portfolio is tilted towards high growth and innovation in developed market and blockchain ecosphere

Stack Flower

     Key features and characterstics

  • Includes blend of both short and long duration assets
  • Domestic equity exposure is very high 
  • Tenure for strategic short term investment in 3-6 months (currently active)
  • Risk tolerance profile required is medium level

Flower Pools

     Key features and characterstics

  • Time horizon or tenure for a specific investment is 1 year
  • Risk tolerance profile required is high level
  • Domestic equity exposure is low to zero

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