About us

Few words about us

Inspired by the earlier days of Mr. Buffet Partnership (1956-1969), Mr. Peter Lynch’s Magellan Fund (1977-1990) and public letters from Nomad Investment Partnership (2001-2013), stackpools alliance has been set up with the intention of trying to repeat the performance and hopefully beating aforementioned in longer run.

For the obvious reasons, we tend not to dilute the quality of investor partners in the name of operations & performance fees. Instead of running a ultra large number of fund schemes (as done by mutual funds and AMCs), our focus is to maximize investor returns and not to garner more funds. This keeps things simple.

Fund managers sell their winners in order to appear diversified in the eyes of their clients. We prefer opposite.

Our work process


Investing in equity requires a good understanding of the company’s business. Therefore selecting the businesses which falls under our circle of competence is of high importance to us.


Analysing the core management and figuring out the sound people with effective execution and strong values is essential for long  term quality returns.


Assessment also includes macroeconomic guidance, individual sector outlook and finally the valuation of the particular company. As Mr. Buffet says, “price is what you pay. Value is what you get”.

Have a project in mind? Let’s get to work.