NViDiA CEO on Bengaluru visit: India primed to lead as largest AI exporter globally

Nvidia is making a substantial commitment to the startup ecosystem, collaborating with over 15,000 startups worldwide, including those in India, to engage in pioneering AI initiatives. Jensen Huang, the founder and CEO of Nvidia, envisions an ambitious goal: creating the largest AI workforce on the planet. In his view, India is poised to become the global leader in exporting both AI products and talent.

During his recent visit to Bengaluru, Huang expressed his optimism, stating, “India will cultivate and export more AI expertise than any other nation. AI could become its most significant export.”

As part of Nvidia’s overarching AI leadership strategy, they are determined to enhance the AI capabilities of every engineer within the organization. “Every engineer will become an AI engineer. AI won’t replace your job; it’s the person who effectively employs AI that will excel in their role. Thus, we must ensure that our engineers are highly productive, efficient, and capable of creating groundbreaking solutions,” Huang emphasized.

Nvidia’s commitment to upskilling extends beyond its own workforce. They have embarked on a significant reskilling initiative, targeting over 600,000 employees at Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), India’s largest IT services firm, with advanced AI training. Moreover, Nvidia is eager to collaborate with other IT services companies and Indian universities to equip employees and students with AI skills.

Earlier this week, Jensen Huang met with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recognizing the vast potential India holds in the AI domain. They talked at length about the rich potential India offers in the world of AI. Mr. Jensen Huang is appreciative of the strides India has made in this sector and is equally upbeat about the talented youth of India.

Nvidia initiated its operations in India back in 2004, initially in Bengaluru. Since then, it has expanded to include engineering development centers in Gurugram, Hyderabad, Pune, and Bengaluru, employing around 3,800 professionals in the country. Additionally, the company collaborates with 320,000 developers in India, participating in Nvidia’s developer program rooted in the nation.

Nvidia’s second-quarter results for the period ending in June showcased robust performance, with revenue totaling $13.5 billion, marking a 101 percent increase from the previous year and an 88 percent surge from the preceding quarter. This growth has been largely attributed to the global AI surge.